material tension 2015
installation for Material Tension curated by Day and Gluckman at Collier Bristow
7 brides 2010
large scale solo installation at GaleriE8, London
overlapping 2012
plaster, steel, foam
candyman 2012
steel,mirror perspex, plaster
Mr Glass 2014
glass and steel 1800 h x 250 x 250 mm
rebirth centre - after Courbet 2014
2 meter diameter steel hoop festooned with single page cut out print of l'origine du monde for viewer to walk through
hole 2011
plaster casting of rabbit hole on the South Downs curated for Creekside Open 2011 by Phyllida Barlow
eat-shit-and-die 2014
chocolate toilet and mouse intervention
narcissus 2012
chocolate toilet lifesize
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overlapping 2012

plaster, steel, foam